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Audi India sells 9,003 cars in 2012

Earlier today, Audi India revealed their sales figures for the year 2012. After selling 5,511 luxury cars in 2011, Audi India registered sales of 9,003 units for 2012, an impressive growth of 63%. For the month of Dec 2012, Audi India registered sales of 931 luxury cars, compared to 394 units sold in corresponding month last year.

It is still not clear that will the 9,003 units be enough for Audi India to take the title of No 1 luxury car manufacturer in the country, because BMW India, the leader since 2009, is yet to reveal their sales figures. For Jan to Oct 2012 period, BMW India sold 7,389 cars while Audi India is sold 7,267 units, behind by just 122 units.

But Audi India has stated that they have, “Firmly established itself as the leader in the luxury SUV segment and sports car segment.” Audi India’s update on Facebook reads, “2012 really was the year when we seized the day, 366 times; and raced towards the position of the No. 1 Luxury Car Brand in India. Thank you Audi fans for your love and support. Here’s wishing you a wonderful year ahead!”

Time will tell if they manged to clinch the top spot or not, but they have surely gotten the second spot. Mercedes Benz India, who was the second largest luxury car maker since 2009, has registered sales of 7,138 cars in 2012. Apart from extending their growth in India, Audi has registered a growth in global sales as well. The gap between them and BMW (No 1 luxury car maker in the world) has been closed even further.

In China, where they are the leader in luxury car segment, Audi registered more than 400,000 car sales in 2012, for the first time ever. Audi has also revealed plans to invest $17 billion over the next 4 years, in order to become the largest luxury car manufacturer in the world.

Michael Perschke, Audi India Head, stated, “2012 has been an outstanding year for us in India. With this remarkable sales performance we have not only retained our position as the fastest growing luxury car brand in India but have also strongly entrenched ourselves as a brand to be reckoned with in the Indian luxury car market landscape and are confident to be the no.1 luxury car brand in India by 2015.”


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