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Bentley SUV 2016 production, plug-in hybrid engine in 2017

Bentley SUV

Bentley’s team of designers and engineers have been busy these past 2 years to create the world’s ‘most powerful and luxurious SUV.’ The next few months will see that effort being refined and finetuned.

Bentley SUVThe intent being to change forever the way the world sees the SUV. Taking luxury to new heights, the new bentley SUV sets the bar higher in terms of bespoke craftsmanship and performance.

while Bentley begins the countdown to the arrival of its SUV, a new film on YouTube gives us a peek to its design approach. What you sees is plenty of a dark backdrop with white light arches that light up in as if piano keys are being struck. And somewhere in thsi creative focus, the new SUV exterior takes takes shape. Bentley’s detailing is combined with a sculpted, contemporary and distinctive design .

Bentley SUV goes into production in 2016. Engine variants will include a plug-in hybrid option for 2017 – being offered to customers. You can get more info here.


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