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66 year old completes 17,700 kms in 11 weeks from UK to Thailand: Road trips and the fun of being on road all the time

‘You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream’ and that was exactly the case when 66 year old Jeff Pritchard of Colwyn Bay in North Wales undertook a  journey from North Wales to Thailand on an eleven weeks adventure. Taking a break from his Colwyn Bay Motorcycle business on August 19th, and astride a 1994 BMW R1000GS fitted with Bike Track, Jeff traversed across Germany, Vienna, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Laos to Thailand in a total of 11 weeks confident that his loved ones back home were able to keep track of his pursuits on their home computer.

Jeff was also well aware that his family would be immediately notified through a Bike Down function installed on Bike Track. 11 weeks and 11,000 miles (17,000 kms) later Jeff finally reached home on November 7, proving that it is never too late to accomplish your dreams.

What is the fun in being on road, all the time? Why so many people around the world register amazing road trips, year after year, in some cases, for many years. For eg, Mercedes Benz’ annual affair of travelling 17,0000 kms from Germany to India in G Wagen’s, or the 24,000 kms road trip of around Africa, or the 26,500 kms across India adventure of 63 year old in a Tata Nano, or the ongoing ASEAN Car Rally from Singapore to India, and many more.

Earlier this year, the most epic road trip in recent history was reported. The journey of Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine. They left their hometown in Germany in a Mercedes G Wagen, in 1989, for a 18 month tour of Africa. Today, after more than 23 years, their road trip is still going strong with more than 500,000 miles (805,000 kms) on the odometer. Sadly, Gunther’s wife is on more, but he continues the journey with a photo of her on the rear view mirror.

This 74 year old gentleman and is wife have completely funded out of his own savings. Their major expenses being on food and staying arrangements. Gunther has outfitted his G Wagen to include sleeping and cooking facilities and spends his hard earned money on fuel and shipping his vehicle across the globe while travelling from the heights of Mount Everest to the depths of the Caribbean. Apart from flat tires, there has never been a breakdown.

If you have one such story of your own, please mention in the comments below.

Images: BBC


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