BMW to supply 4,000 cars to ferry VIP’s at 2012 London Olympics, environmentalists cry foul

German car manufacturer, BMW AG managed to get itself a very big ticket for the 2012 London Olympics when it became their official automobile partner. BMW AG confirmed earlier today that they will be supplying 4,000 cars for ferrying VIP’s and foreign dignitaries at one of the biggest sporting event on the planet this year, which has shocked environmentalists.

2012 London Olympics, which is scheduled to kick off in nearly seven months time, was supposed to be the greenest Olympics ever. Environmentalists the world over are now worried that how will organizers manage to make the event green if they have ordered 4,000 cars from Germany.

Jenny Jones, Green Party London Assembly said, “Four thousand vehicles seems lunatic when we have such a good public transport system. I can understand a few officials need secure transport, but 4,000? Shipping new cars in from Germany is also extremely bad news for the environment. I am sure there are many local car dealers which could have supplied vehicles.”

Caroline Pidgeon, Member, London Assembly Transport Committee said, “As we were promised that the 2012 Games would be the greenest Olympics ever to take place, only electric vehicles should have been considered. Electric vehicles are not only quieter, but far less harmful to people’s lungs. The 2012 Games should have been a big boost to the growth of electric vehicles in the UK, but instead we have vehicles which merely add to London’s serious air pollution.”

Of the 4,000 cars, only 200 of them will be electric vehicles while others will be running on petrol or diesel (mostly diesel). Most of the cars that will be used for the event will be BMW 3 Series and BMW 5 Series sedans. In all, 4,000 BMW cars at the 2012 London Olympics will be worth $233 million approximately. BMW plans on selling these cars after the Olympic in the second hand market.

BMW spokesperson stated, “A substantial proportion of the fleet will be the diesel models. The fleet of vehicles which we will supply will achieve this threshold and the Games will provide the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our efficient diesel and electric vehicle technology.”