BMW takes a dig at Tesla Model 3 in latest 330e ads – Videos

If at all there is one thing that prospective Tesla customers are annoyed about, it’s the long waiting period that could extend to years. False starts, production restraints and overwhelming orders, you name it and Tesla Motors has faced it.

Tesla Model X owners would know what we are talking about. There are still too many of them waiting for their electric crossover to drive home.

The case looks to be even worse for the recently unveiled Tesla Model 3, the electric automaker’s most affordable model. Positioned as an electric alternative to the likes of BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class, the delivery timeline for the Model 3 is a function of various unpredictable parameters.

An optimistic Elon Musk stated at the time of debut that the new electric sedan’s deliveries will commence in 2017. It’s to be noted that the Model 3 garnered an¬†unprecedented response from the customers and the orders crossed 4 lakh units in the first week!

BMW has come up with a couple of promo videos which mock the customers who are waiting for the Tesla Model 3. Both videos invite the customers to stop waiting and drive away with the BMW 330e Plug-in hybrid sedan which has a claimed mileage of 72 mpg (30.43 kmpl).

It’s indeed a smart marketing move by BMW!


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