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BMW X5 SUV recall: 250,000 units affected globally


Starting January 2013, BMW will be recalling 250,000 X5 SUV’s globally. All the affected BMW X5 have been built between 2009 and 2012. BMW is recalling X5 SUVs following concerns over loss of power steering. The company has filed already their concerns with various safety organizations, including, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, stating that engine belt idler pulley bolt could fail to maintain its position.

This could come lose or break off which will cause the vehicle to lose power assisted steering thereby resulting in difficulty in steering the vehicle and increasing the risk of accident. If the bolt fails, it could also lead to low ambient temperatures. No instances of accident were reported till date but the company is going ahead with replacements and repairs.

Faced with this constraint, from January 2013, BMW will be recalling X5 globally, out of which 29,800 are in the US while there are about 5000 units in Canada and the remaining are spread across other countries, including India. In the event of such malfunction, the alternator warning lamp, a battery icon will be illuminated inside the vehicle on the instrument cluster along with a warning message stating “Charging Malfunction”.

This defect was detected through a warranty claim in Canada over two years ago and the company will be notifying customers of the recall while dealers will be instructed to repair the defect by replacing and tightening the idler pulley bolt. Owners of these vehicles are requested to call the company or email BMW at for more information.

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