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Book a Honda Amaze now to ensure delivery in 4 months

There is no doubt that the Indian auto market was literally waiting for the Honda Amaze, especially the diesel sedan. That has changed much, because buyers are still waiting. The past 3 weeks has seen increased activity at Honda dealerships, and opened up new avenues of sales despite a known production limitation. Honda’s petrol line up holds the company in good stead, and has kept the automaker in good books for long, while the news diesel engine availability has increased it’s competition streak.

Not making an immediate booking at this point can actually cause an interested buyer weeks in terms of delivery. What began as a quest to ensure reasonable waiting period is soon going to border on ‘it’s going to take a little longer than thought earlier’. Bookings each day is making it impossible for manufacturers to deliver cars at par with demand.

Honda dealerships have been allotted 34 Honda Amaze sedans each month. Bookings are nearing about 10 times that at a dealership. There is an expected difference in demand between petrol and diesel variants. While a petrol Amaze will be delivered in about 2 months, it’s double the wait time for a diesel Amaze. In the manufacturing front, Honda has reached present full capacity. Expansion on the production limit front will only come about in 2014 once their Rajasthan Plant is operational.

A positive from the booking frenzy ensures that Honda India sales figures remains steady and nearing 5 digits at any given time for the next few months. It may be an irritation to some to wait for that long but a realistic approach doesn’t see too many alternatives that disgruntled buyers can turn to. It’s not likely that the ever growing waiting period will be a major deterrent to buyers.


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