Brad Keselowski tweets from car – fined $25,000 as punishment

While tweeting on Twitter may seem cool, it does now go down well in rule books of NASCAR. Brad Keselowski was probably unaware of this regulation as he tweeted during a long delay at Daytona 500 for which he may have appealed to a social media crazed audience but it ended in him shelling out $25,000 as fine. Keselowski apparently tweeted from his car on Monday during the red flag at Phoenix International Raceway.

Hearing news of this punishment levied on the racer, fans vented their anger with additional tweets wondering why Keselowski was punished for this act on Sunday when the was regaled by NASCAR when he did the same thing during opening race at start of season in February this year. When questioned NASCAR officials stated that though drivers are encouraged to participate in social media they are to abide by certain rules of the competition mentioned in rule books that deter drivers from carrying electronic devices like smartphones onboard their cars.

Daytona 500 was stalled for over two hours due to crash when Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into a jet dryer and track needed major clean up. It was during this interim period that Keselowski tweeted pictures, answered questions and gave in depth updates of the cleanup operations during the delay. It was only later that NASCAR stated that Keselowski did not break any rules barring electronic devices in cars during racing events and hence would not be fined.


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