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Bugatti Type 54, Audi R8 and Swarm, Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren MP4 Velocita whir

At the 2013 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Audi’s car lighting swarm tech shows the rear of vehicles with bright patterns others. Comprised of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), they react to car movement. Audi’s swarm tail light tech mirrors driving action resulting in a changing pattern of tail lights like a swarm of fish.

The diodes are compatible with varied surfaces and light up when electrical charge is introduced. The Swarm concept design allows other drivers to see what the Audi driver is upto, and may in time, replace the German automaker’s traditional braking lights. They’ve also talked about a laser tail light.

The new Audi R8 sportscar is now in India.The 2013 R8 is available in three variants, V8 Coupe, V10 Coupe, V10 Spyder, at a launch price Rs 1.34 crores, 1.57 crores and 1.73 crores, ex-showroom New Delhi, respectively. Audi’s love affair with films and movie stars is no secret, so this one came down to Race 2. In fact, Saif Ali Khan has ordered himself a R8 Spider.
Later this week, the Lamborghini Aventador roadster that was first shown at the 2012 LA Auto Show will make its way to India on 25th January 2013. Next weekend, the Parx Super Car Show will be held in Mumbai. Luxury Tuner, DMC’s McLaren MP4 teaser being called DMC Velocita may not reveal much, but does create the required whir. Expecting a body kit, one can take heart in the visible re-designed front-grill and front lip. Side skirts, rear diffuser and an aggressive wing can be expected. The rear spoiler could be a surprise. A launch date is expected in the next 2 months alongside a performance upgrade on the McLaren MP4.

1931 Monza Grand Prix-winning Bugatti Type 54, a rare car still in private hands will be at a Bonhams auction on February 7th, 2013. Expected auction price is about £3 million, and that would place the vehicle amongst the most expensive classic racing car’s ever. The Bugatti blue car is missing a roof, seatbelts, heating, wipers, and other modern day fixtures. In 1932, Czech Prince Georg Lobkowicz was killed when racing.


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