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Busworld India 2013 highlights country’s future public transport


Being a neutral platform, 2013 Busworld India saw participation from automobile manufacturers, government officials as well as component suppliers and technology providers.

2013 busworld mumbai india (71)The 5th edition of Busworld India was held from 1st to 3rd February 2013 at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre. The bus and coach sector which has undergone a huge change over the last few years in the country, was highlighted at the 2013 Bus World India. Growing potential has surfaced not only in the urban sector, but also in India’s rural markets.

The primary objective of the show was “Gearing-up for a Sustainable Public Transportation System, focused on Fuel Efficiency, ITS and Hybridization”. Reputed bus and coach manufacturers both from within the country along with manufacturers such as Scania, ACGL, Corona and Deccan Auto will be participating in the show. Special emphasis was made on various technical aspects and safety measures to be adopted in the coach and bus industry in the future. Apart from this, discussions for future changes that need to be made in the transport industry were also in focus. For eg., more prominence will be paid to safety measures in School Buses and to bring a solution to put a stop on the growing number of bus and coach accidents in the country.

On display at the show were latest and innovative technologies that showcased Intelligent Transportation System, GPS, and Hybridization and Fuel Efficiency. In the images below, you can also see screenshots of what imminent personalities from the auto industry and Indian govt. have to say about the 2013 Busworld Symposium.


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