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You can buy BMW i3 on Amazon if you’re in Japan

Buy BMW i3 online Amazon Japan
BMW didn't have much to talk about the new initiative with their 'i' brand.

And we are not talking about a scale model.

E-Commerce giants are inching into the auto world evolving form dealing just accessories and spares. There are some examples in India too, but right now we are talking about BMW i3 electric car going up in the listing on Amazon Japan.

Buy BMW i3 online Amazon Japan

BMW didn’t have much to talk about the new initiative with their ‘i’ brand.

Typically, online purchase means a roster of options to choose from and customise the buy, but that is not the case here. To buy BMW i3 on Amazon, customers can choose only between five-year lease and loan schemes. In terms of equipment and accessories, BMW i3 online purchase comes with pre-selected fitment, like LED headlamps, 19-inch alloy wheels and a “loft” interior to begin with. Even exterior colours are

Unfortunately, choices are limited as buyers can only select between five-year lease and loan programs as well as six exterior colors. The model also come with an assortment of pre-selected options including LED headlights, a “loft” interior and 19-inch alloy wheels. Other three interior packages – Atelier, Lodge and Suite cannot be availed when buying an BMW i3 online on Amazon Japan. Thankfully, all six exterior colours are offered, including Andesite Silver, Arravani Grey, Laurel Grey, Iconic Silver, Capparis White and Solar Orange.

This initiative marks completion of one year of BMW i3 going on sale in Japan.

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