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Carrot dating bribe, a tank of gas for women. You think it’s cool, huh


Carrot dating’s press release certainly takes romance out of dating. And the starightforward agenda is surmised as follows, ‘The app features a variety of bribes to choose: from free meals and drinks, to even a tank of gas or plastic surgery. Bribes are sorted into five categories: “Dining,” “Entertainment,” “Gifts,” “Activities,” and “Popular.” In order to communicate, men and women are first required to choose a bribe. Once the bribe has been accepted, both users can schedule their bribery exchange and the first date.’

Carrot_datingWhile fuel prices have been on the increase for quite sometime now, little did anyone think, it’s the best thing to have happened to men, unless of course if you’re Brandon Wade. Now, you have an incentive to fill a tank. Sweep aside inflation and rising costs because filling a date’s fuel tank is an ideal bribe that will further your chances in the dating game.

Since this preposterous proposal is out there, it would be worth our time to see some exchange of gas. No harm in filling a tank, and driving off then.

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  • Shaktivel Vetrivel

    Women fill the tank but dont know how to drive, men knew to drive even if fuel range blinks to get over.

  • Nabanita Singha Roy

    I hope all the women fill their tank and drive off. That would be fun

  • Shaktivel Vetrivel

    Depends, who is on board, if NABI tank is full all the time lol, juz fun….