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Changing buyer profile ensures high end cycles in India


Buying cycles in India is no longer limited to specific groups, children, or labour oriented work fields. More and more people want one today.

India is the second largest manufacturer of cycles in the world after China. 125 million units are manufactured each year of which 10 million are sold within the country itself. Till a few years back buyers investing in cycles didn’t think about the good in it but now with changing lifestyles, people are looking to buy cycles which are proven to last long and at the same time provide some aura of oomph.

Nowaday’s cycles aren’t only for the milkman or newspaper boy but business people too are flocking to stress to buy cycles and they aren’t afraid of splurging exorbitant amounts for the same. Apart from Indian companies like Hero Cycles, Avon, TI, Atlas there are also a number of foreign companies like Cannondale, Schwinn, Trek and Merdia that have opened shop in the country. Dealerships also stock Fomas, Trek, Schwinn, BTwin, BMX, Firefox, and more.

These high end cycles boast of gears, tubeless tyres, lightweight frames and accessories which attract a number of individuals who don’t mind spending a few thousands for a vehicle that not only provides a transportation option but at the same time offers some much needed exercise. The number of people opting for these glamorous cycles is set to rise and the cycle industry is more than happy to cater to the increase with its versatile range of cycles.


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