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China to eliminate 53 lakh vehicles to reduce car pollution

pollution in beijing

As China declares war on smog, China’s anti pollution policy comes into effect with a ban on new oil refining, steel, cement and thermal power plants while the government wishes to take up the issue of improving quality of air on a war footing. China also plans to tackle ageing vehicles for the same reason and this will see over 5.3 million (53 lakh) ageing vehicles being taken off roads during the current year.

pollution in beijingLarge scale growth and development in China has taken a toll on the country’s air, water and soil. This has led to public venting their anger on the government, urging them to take steps to bring about a sea change in quality of air and stringent measures to improve quality of life throughout the country.

As many as 5.33 million (53 lakh) vehicles failing to comply with China’s fuel standards will be banned from plying on streets while 330,000 cars in Beijing and 660,000 vehicles from the surrounding province of Hebei will also be withdrawn. The information was revealed by a government policy document.

As per reports received, vehicle emissions in Beijing are the cause of an astounding 31% of hazardous air borne particles known as PM 2.5, while another 22.4% are emitted from burning of coal. The government plans on limiting number of cars on roads to 5.6 million this year as the number is expected to increase to 6 million by 2017. A new policy also targets closure of coal fired heating systems while the government will be setting up devices to reduce sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emission from power stations, steel mills and cement plants.


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