Chinese pianist Lang Lang chosen as Volkswagen brand ambassador

Chinese pianist, Lang Lang and VW signed a multi year cooperation agreement where the pianist was chosen as the brand ambassador of the VW group. As part of this agreement, Lang Lang which promote the VW brand by using VW vehicles as a mode of transport when visiting concert venues all over the world.

Lang Lang has high regard for the younger generation and his artistic standards are similar to qualities exuded by VW vehicles. It’s for this very reason VW has chosen him as a brand ambassador. As Lang Lang travels all over the world, he will be able to endorse VW vehicles effectively and thereby help gather around him numerous VW customers which will be a factor for the brand in the coming years.

Art and culture aren’t new avenues where VW aims to spread its tentacles as it has already made a mark in this field by partnering with the Museum of Modern Art situated in America. Volkswagen has an impressive fan following all over the world and with launch of its New Golf model it hopes to capture markets world over. Interesting new VW models include the Lupo, beetle, Passat, Jetta and Polo among others.


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