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Choice of Shell Helix could instantly change car to supercar

To take your car to the next level of where car has gone before and transform it into a supercar, all one needs to do is choose Shell Helix. The latest TV commercial by Shell Helix instantly shows proud car owners how to make their car feel and perform like a supercar.

Shell Helix in association with Ferrari provide an opportunity to all owners to feel the instant pleasure and excitement as their cars are transformed into supercars with the right choice of oil. Shell Helix is the choice of vehicle oil of all drivers across the globe and every driver should give his car the very best where choice of oil is concerned.

This commercial directed by Sam Brown of Rogue Films is of a car to super car transformation which is shot across three continents. The creative and production teams worked in conjuncture to procure vehicles for the shoot, select locations across the continents and also take permission from local authorities to shut streets during shooting.

“The Supercars commercial draws on the emotion of drivers worldwide by showcasing multiple beautiful Ferrari GT cars in stunning locations around the globe. Shell Helix understands the passion people have for Ferrari and want all drivers to feel the same pride as a Supercar owner no matter what car they drive.” Leila Prati, Shell Helix Global Brand Manager.

The commercial’s Creative Director, Jaspar Shelbourne from JWT London enthused: “Working on a project of this scale has been a massive task for our production teams. Shooting in multiple locations brings with it multiple challenges including working in extreme temperatures with local production crews for long hours. Conveying the Shell Helix message to viewers through the use of such beautiful cars allows us to create a commercial that will touch people emotionally which in itself has made the project unique and exciting to be part of.”

“Shell Helix communication as always focuses on highlighting the outstanding cleansing power which is a key outcome the result of our long-standing partnership with Ferrari. Super Car commercial reiterates our commitment towards our to consumers to provide the best technology for their cars’ engines with which they will that makes them feel like they are driving the best car on the road” said, Mr. Nitin Prasad, Country Head – Lubricants, Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd.



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