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Dad builds a fully functional car for his son

Dad builds a fully functional car for his son (1)

Ernesto Freitas is a doting father who has stepped over the limits to pander to the desires of his son. Freitas senior has presented his son with a brilliant red colored Shelby Cobra roadster toy car that is fitted with a 7 hp, 50cc petrol engine with an electric starter.

Freitas is an avid designer and engineer and apart from this exclusive toy Shelby Cobra roadster he has also created Lust Motors LM23 and Ferrari Dino prototype. Besides wanting to gift his son the best motoring experience possible, Freitas also wanted to prove to himself that he could build a car from scratch. Freitas did all the designing and building work himself right from planning, designing, construction and final assembly and though the feat proved to be time consuming and expensive, it gave the father as much pleasure to build it as it did the son to receive this gift.

Dad builds a fully functional car for his son (1)Construction of the Shelby Cobra toy car with mini 7 HP engine took up a total of 1600 hours of work with Ernesto Freitas devoting the evening hours and weekends to. 3D models were prepared and cut and the car received a tubular chassis, independent suspension at four wheels, rear wheel drive setup and a 7 HP 50cc petrol engine with electric start. The entire body is made out of fiber glass while the finished product looks like a real car in a 3/4th scale form, measuring more than 3 meters in length, 1.3 meters in width and weighing a total of 250 kgs. The Shelby Cobra receives real tyres and 10” rims.

Interiors are seen with actual car parts and other details which include fully functional features, operable door and hood and 2 leather upholstered seats offering an enhanced driving experience. Like every good father, Freitas has modified top speed, keeping it to a low of just 25 kmph so as to make it safe for his son.


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