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Daimler India Commercial Vehicles emphasis on DT#1 (Daimler Trucks No. 1)

Global Daimler Truck operations is at a No.1 position and is continually striving to introduce innovative schemes and state of the art trucking solutions to ensure that it stays in this position. Considering the competitive market and strained economic conditions across the globe, Daimler Trucks is using every possible strategy to ensure that it remains an industry leader. Well versed with the desires of the market, the company is launching enhanced schemes and facilities to not only attract new buyers to the fold but also to retain their current clutch of loyal customers.

To keep abreast with new and evolving needs of the market, Daimler Trucks now has the DT#1 (Daimler Trucks No.1) programme, which takes into consideration all of the company’s present markets. Special attention is being paid to Asian markets wherein they are present in Japan the form of– MFTBC (Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation), while in Indian markets with DICV (Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Private Limited).

MFTBC is already well established and has long been catering to the needs of both Japan and Asian markets. DICV on the other hand is relatively new and is concentrating on the Indian auto market with various cost effective and high quality products.

Dr. Albert Kirchmann, President & CEO – MFTBC and Head of Daimler Trucks Asia, said, “Asia will clearly lead our way in the coming years, not just in demand for trucks but also as a hub for our global operations. Daimler has already established a firm presence in Asia by combining a strong 80-year brand “FUSO” and a state-of-the-art green field facility in India. Leading brands, cutting-edge technologies, strong customer-focused product portfolio, strong distributor network and highly inspired people are the ingredients Daimler possesses to remain a leader. We see ourselves in a very advantageous position.”

Mr. Marc Llistosella, Managing Director & CEO – DICV, said, “In 2005 when the first blueprint was being drawn, besides realizing that India would be the 2nd largest Truck market, we realized that India would actually become an important hub for our strength in Asia & Africa. However, our primary focus was to clearly leverage Daimler’s capabilities to suit the needs of Indian trucking. Towards this, we have invested our energies. In the meantime, we have gained the capability to fulfill our Asian & African outlook.”

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