Datsun Global Chief talks about safety and sales target for India

When the subject of safety came up, referencing the revelation of Datsun Go hatchback’s quality of safety by Global NCAP last year, Cobee mentioned that the car is best in the segment in terms of braking distance, visibility, lighting, and suspension tune when it comes to negotiating with Indian roads; not to mention driving comfort that helps reduce driver fatigue. He stressed that Datsun Go is very good in active safety in its segment although it does not have a variety of passive safety systems installed. He also talked about varying levels of safety depending on each market and said that safety is a never ending story that needs to be developed by involving customers, stakeholders and the government, apart from automakers.

Datsun Go+ MPV India 09 red
Introduced in Indian market just about 10 months before, Datsun has clocked just around 12,000 units (just above 1,000 units per month).

Speaking about Datsun’s plans for India, Cobee expressed confidence when mentioning the company’s annual sales target of 1,00,000 units in the next three years. With the launch of Datsun Go+ MPV and ongoing expansion of dealership network, the Japanese brand is optimistic about acquiring the reach and progressing into a volume player. As a result, the company is planning to prepone the launch of Datsun red-Go micro crossover to 2016.

Via – Economic Times