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Delhi bus rape: Bengaluru buses to be stripped of dark films and advertisements

rape IndiaUnder attack, following the gruesome gang rape of a 23 year old medical student in a bus in New Delhi that has left the hapless medical student battling for life, the Government has announced that all advertisements and films on windows buses be removed. The Bengaluru police have issued a deadline to all BMTC buses and private bus operators to remove the tinted film while following a Supreme Court order.

Buses plying in Delhi have been asked to remove tinted glasses and heavy curtains while also asked to keep lights on while plying at night, failing which the buses will be impounded. BTMC have sought time to do the needful though traffic police have asked officials for an update immediately. It was a Supreme Court ruling that included all vehicles though in the wake of increased cases of abduction and rape, city buses were under immediate attack, so as to deter such incidents in the future.

Besides stripping buses of dark films and tinted glasses, the Government has also listed out certain other precautions to be adhered to, to ensure safety of woman passengers. Buses must now be parked with owners and not with drivers while all drivers should carry a photo identity card which should be displayed on the bus with helpline numbers, driver’s mobile numbers and license numbers in bold lettering.



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