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Dhoni reveals photos of his first motorcycle: Rajdoot bought for Rs 4500

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni, captain cool of the Indian cricket team is relaxing a well deserved break from the hectic and physically demanding life on tour. Dhoni is currently in his hometown Ranchi. After cricket, he loves his bikes. With nothing much to do in cricket, Dhoni decided to give makeover to his first bike, a used Rajdoot which he bought for Rs 4500.

dhoni first bike 1Regular readers of RushLane might recollect the news about Dhoni and his first bike, which was first brought to notice last month when the world-cup winning captain first tweeted his intentions of giving his first motorcycle a makeover. At that time, Dhone tweeted, “I think my plan of action is to restore the 1st bike that I bought for Rs 4500, will upload its pic maybe tomorrow.its in a very bad shape.”

This was tweeted back on 1st Aug. Though Dhoni did not manage to upload any pic of this bike ‘tomorrow’, he did manage to upload a few photos of his bike yesterday. Apart from revealing the photos of his Rajdoot, Dhoni also gave us a glimpse that he is not only good at riding bikes, but he also knows how to open them up.

As you can see in the image gallery below, Dhoni has managed to open the engine of his first bike. Seeing the condition of his bike, it is easier to figure out that the motorcycle has not been started, atleast for a couple of years now. His intention is to restore the bike so that he can ride the same once again. We are not sure when is that going to be happen, but as of now, Dhoni has managed to clean the engine completely. Hats off to the Indian captain, who also knows his machine inside out!


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