Diesel car deliveries keep buyers waiting for 7 months in Indian auto market

A continuous increase in prices of petrol has seen a shift in preferences from petrol variants to diesel driven vehicles.  Buyers are showing an affinity towards diesel cars and this is what has pushed up demand to such an extent that supplies needs to be revved up proportionately.  In the mean time buyers need to patiently wait for a minimum of 7 months for deliveries while in some cases this period can be extended upto almost a year.

Diesel enjoys government subsidies and hence is about 50% cheaper than petrol per liter, which is a major reason for making this, variant of vehicles more attractive to Indian cost conscious customers. Fuel efficiency of diesel engines too is about 30% higher than that of petrol engines and it is this that has caused diesel vehicles to be the most favored option especially in the compact segment.  This trend is noticed in India since the past few months.  In fact since October November 2011, demand for diesel cars are increasing by leaps and bounds.  Whether new or second hand cars, buyers are flooding auto dealership showrooms and used car showrooms in their desire to purchase diesel vehicles. This is also despite the fact that diesel variants carry a higher price tag than their petrol counterparts both where new and second hand cars are concerned.  Demand for diesel variants of SUV’s, hatchbacks and sedans have undergone a sea change and this is what has led to longer waiting periods between four to seven months which is what auto companies need to tackle these issues on a war footing.

While Maruti Swift has a waiting period of two to three months, Hyundai Verna has eager buyers waiting for almost seven months to a year for deliveries.  This has spurred auto manufacturers to concentrate more on diesel variants while also contemplating increased investments.