Do’s and Don’ts for Four Wheelers on Indian roads that are oft ignored

Preventive measures to be kept in mind while driving four wheelers. “Self Policing is the Best Policing” should be the guiding principle for any driver of four wheeler vehicles.  Prevention is better than Cure and hence disciplining yourself will go a long way in making our city streets and highways safer and your journey more enjoyable and stress free.  Blaming others for an accident will not get us anywhere and each driver of four wheelers should be concerned not only for his or her own safety but for the safety of others on the road and should strive to make our roads safer and driving more enjoyable.

There are a number of points to be kept in mind while driving a vehicle. Seat belts are a must: This should not only be mandatory for drivers but also for co passengers.

Mobile Phones should be banned. Speaking on mobile phones and even hands free phones should be banned.  Distraction is one of the main reasons for road accidents and nothing can be worse than speaking or testing while on the move.

Keep calm and never resort to road rage. Road rage, aggressive behavior on the road and challenging and overtaking needs to be curtailed.  Road traffic is getting worse by the day and unless drivers adopt a more accommodating and tolerant attitude driving on the road is going to be a one way street to disaster.

Always maintain safe distance with the vehicle in front of you. You should always keep a certain amount of distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.  This way you are prepared for any sudden braking and thus averting a serious accident.  Keeping to your own lane and slowing down at intersections should also be exercised.

Do not blow the horn unnecessarily. Unnecessary blowing of horn should be avoided at all costs.  This not only causes noise pollution but also distracts and annoys other drivers on the road and does not meet any specific purpose and should be avoided unless absolutely mandatory for your and others safety.