This is why it pays to not to be impatient when driving – Video

Eager to get ahead of the other cars waiting in front of him, a driver charged ahead as the ferry approached the docks. However, clambering on board even before the ferry was securely docked, landed the car and driver into the Black Sea in Russia. The entire series of events has been captured on CCTV.

The driver in a dark coloured sedan can be seen getting into the vehicle at the 20-second mark, driving ahead of others in  queue and onto the ramp even before the ferry had a chance to connect with the dock. Onlookers pulled the driver out of the water while a doctor was on hand to offer treatment. The driver is reportedly unhurt while the extent of damage to the car is yet unknown.

The second video shows a truck trying to load heavy cargo onto a barge. The driver is seen carefully maneuvering the cargo while the load is so great that it pushes the barge away from the bank of the river causing the truck and cargo to plunge into the water.

Fortunately the truck driver manages to jump to safety at the 25 second mark while the cargo and truck get completely submerged. It is not clear as to exactly where this incident took place but estimates put it somewhere in Russia.

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