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Driving the Nissan Sunny XTronic CVT

Nissan Sunny automatic is only offered in the mid level XL petrol trim. Features it possesses includes, power windows, keyless entry, electric mirrors, rear blower, double DIN sound system, steering mounted audio controls and no alloys.

The CVT XTronic which features in the new Sunny is a fourth gen variant. Nissan claims it is 10% smaller and 13% lighter when compared to other CVTs. This means that the new Sunny AT offers a mileage of 17.97 kmpl, which is better when compared against its manual counterpart, which offers 16.95 kmpl.

In reality, while test driving the Sunny Automatic in Mumbai traffic we managed to get a mileage of 12 kmpl. Acceleration was decent, as the car easily takes you to 60-70 kmph with a hard push on the pedal. Ride quality is decent while interiors remain unchanged and the class leading legroom and boot space are plus points of the new Sunny AT.

A notable fact of the Sunny CVT gearbox is that it caters to less stress and strain specially while driving in congested traffic situations. This CVT gearbox was initially introduced in the Renault Scala. The transmission is so smooth that you won’t even realize gearshifts. There is also a button on the gear knob, which when pressed, activates sport mode. When in sport mode, you get to drive the CAAAR a little aggressively. But don’t over do, as this one is not made to overtake at highspeeds.

The downside of Nissan Sunny Automatic are only noticeable once you start increasing speed, clearly indicating that this car is only made for city driving or getting yourself chauffeured from point A to point B. Even at a speed of 80 kmph, this car becomes noisy, and thanks to the XTronic CVT, which keeps the engine at a constant 6k rpm at full throttle, the sound is not so good to the ear.

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