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Elio hits 11000 reservations, anticipates 5-Star Crash Test Safety rating


Elio Motors’ 3-wheeled vehicle not only offers a new transportation medium for daily commute, its endevour will create more than 1,500 American jobs alongwith helping reduce dependence on foreign oil.

Company founder Paul Elio’s enclosed, 3-wheeled vehicle takes part in the Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition Legislative Breakfast on the front lawn of the State Capitol today.

Elio_prototype“Our high-mileage, low-cost vehicle is causing people to rethink how we approach transportation in the United States,” Elio said. “Many consumers buy vehicles based on the premise that they need to haul their entire family around. But, on a typical commute to work, look at how many big, inefficient vehicles have just one person – the driver – onboard. For those trips where you drive solo – and that’s probably the majority of trips – why not have a vehicle that is affordable and highly fuel efficient?”

Elio Motors 3-wheeled vehicle is slated for production in 2015 and is to be made available at a price of $6,800. It will achieve 84 miles per gallon fuel efficiency and is engineered for an anticipated 5-Star Crash Test Safety Rating. Ideal for individual commuters, its an inexpensive and fuel efficient mode of transportation.

“In addition to the practical message of affordability and high fuel efficiency, this is an eye-catching design that will turn heads,” Elio said. “There’s no reason drivers can’t have a practical vehicle and still have some fun, too.”

The Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition event is an opportunity for automakers to showcase current and future tech to reduce fuel consumption and develop and manufacture environmentally friendly transportation options. Elio’s first manufacturing site will be in Shreveport, La. Plans for first production vehicle roll out point to 2015. Prroduction, sales and distribution channels are to be strengthened over the next 2 years.

Elio Motors has until now taken 11,000 reservations online ranging from $100 to $1,000. A non-refundable reservation provides is made available with an additional discount worth 50% of the initial deposit (a $1,000 deposit would receive an additional $500 toward the price of a vehicle at the time of purchase). Refundable deposits can be made but of those booking, 80% of customers have opted for the non-refundable reservation, reiterating consumer belief in Elio.


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  • Michael Calvano

    Article and company are misleading. The NTSB classifies this vehicle as a motorcycle. A 5 star safety motorcycle is nowhere near as safe as a 5 star safety car.

    • NSR

      Nowhere in the article does it say Elio is a car. Neither is the 5 star rating of a car and motorcycle being compared.