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England fan takes Vespa on a ride from London to Rio, 2014 World Cup

Road to Brazil Scooters For Goalposts

England fan, Chris Hallett turned to a novel initiative, Scooters for Goalposts, an adventure ride that involved a Vespa scooter and sidecar travelling from London to Rio for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Road to Brazil Scooters For GoalpostsThrough its journey, the scooter rode through and in as many playing countries this year, all the while visiting stadiums and engaging in games with locals.

The fun and games involved locals along his journey taking and saving penalties and celebrating. The big goal behind his long and arduous Vespa trip has been to raise funds for Unicef. Chris loves football, scooters, travel, and supporting a good cause, having quit his IT job and used his savings to ride from London to Rio to support England at 2014 World Cup in Brazil while contributing to Unicef.

2014 World Cup BrazilIn trying to positively impact England’s bleak world cup record, Chris made the most penalty shootouts by challenging locals and using the scooter as a goalpost. All goal celebrations with a replica World Cup were videotaped.

Brazil World Cup road tripThe idea to undertake an epic trip came into being 4 years ago when the South African World Cup was about to start. It thus made sense to do all he likes and head to a football crazy country. The trip began in February 2014 and ends at the World Cup in Brazil July 2014. He reached Brazil earlier this week.

Chris Hallett scooter

Chris Hallett

Scooters For Goalposts 2014 World Cup

Scooters For Goalposts Brazil trip

Scooters For Goalposts

Vespa World Cup trip

World Cup scooter


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