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Fearless Felix supersonic back on earth: Red Bull Stratos Mission to the edge of space accomplished (Photos & Video)

Felix Baumgartner entered record books a while ago when he successfully landed on earth after jumping from a height of over 127,500 feet or nearly 25 miles. 43 year old Austrian, Felix was taken to this height in a specially made capsule via a helium inflated balloon. The balloon itself was 55 storey high and made of ultra thin material. Felix now holds the record for the highest ever manned balloon flight. Just before he jumped from this record breaking altitude, Felix said, “I wish you could see what I could see.”

Constantly connected with Redbull Stratos mission control on Earth, Felix was freefalling for a time of 4 minutes and 22 seconds. Robert Hager, news broadcaster and narrator of the live feed, said, “Today was a big day for science, as the Red Bull Stratos team collected new data that can help the safety of future space travelers.”

The previous record for highest freefall was set in 1960 by a US Air Force Captain, Joe Kittinger. Joe jumped from a height of nearly 20 miles and reached a speed of 614 mph while freefalling. Kittinger has been the mentor to Felix ever since this space jump was decided.

Felix has been training for this jump for the past five years. Back in July this year, he even had a trial jump during which he jumped from an altitude of 18.5 miles. After he landed successfully from the trial jump, Felix said that no matter what, he wants to break the sound barrier. We are waiting for confirmation from Red Bull Stratos that whether Felix broke the sound barrier or not.

The entire event was telecasted live on YouTube, which was watched by more than 9 million people from around the globe. This is also the record for the most watched online live streaming video ever, the previous record was set during Olympics 2012 London, when 500,000 people tuned in to watch live streaming.


Free fall time = 4 minutes 20 seconds

Exit altitude = 128,100 feet

Top speed attained while free falling = 373 m/s, 1342.8 kmph, 833,9 mph ~ 1.24 Mach


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