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Five tips to save for your dream car

Quite often the dream car can be out of financial reach and the aspirations begin to dwindle. However, with a little dedication there are ways to cut back on your spending and get that dream car.

1. Don’t indulge
By being thrifty with your cash you are allowing yourself to create an extra avenue for saving. Cut back on grocery spends such as buying less meat or shopping in specific (cheaper) places for different types of food. Also, find alternative ways of socialising and cut back on nights out to reduce costs here.

Before each purchase consider the importance of the item and whether the savings you will make for the car are more important.

2. Be realistic
Not everyone can afford a Bugatti Veyron and not everyone will not make enough money to afford it. Make your dreams a little bit more realistic by choosing a second hand car that is within your price range. There are luxury cars available for a more affordable price – such as Audi used cars. These high-end vehicles could be purchased at a very good price thanks to the new online car market brought to you by AA.

3. Get more work
If patience is not your thing then gaining a second job or trying to find some one-off jobs for extra money will provide the extra boost to your dream car funds.

4. Stick to targets
Have a set amount of money that you put away for savings each month and never go under it. By having this strict outlook on saving it will give you a clear view of when your savings goal will be achieved. This will help with your expectations and, should you find extra cash to put away, will act as great motivation.

5. Visualise your goal
Keep reminders of your end goal everywhere in your house by posting pictures of your dream car in key rooms. This will keep you motivated and remind you why it is so important for you to make all these changes to your spending habits.

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