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Forbes reveals 10 most popular cars in the world for 2012


Forbes reveals 10 most popular cars in the world for 2012Size and fuel efficiency makes a car popular. This was what was found in a recent study by Forbes, which revealed the 10 most popular cars in the world. Size and fuel efficiency are looked to be most attractive features when it comes to car buyers across the world. Ford Focus compact was one such example which competes with Toyota Corolla as the bestselling car in the world.

Toyota Corolla is also a popular vehicle ranking second globally with estimated sales of 966,000. Volkswagen Jetta has received much attention in the US and Chinese markets with the company selling 8.3 million vehicles worldwide through November 2012. Hyundai Elantra compact is the fourth most popular car followed by Ford Fiesta which despite not being a success in the US saw great popularity in Europe and China due to which it is ranked as the fifth most popular car in the world.

Volkswagen Golf hatchback is one of the company’s bestselling models. Camry from Toyota is a popular car in the mid sized category offering both comforts and performance and is a bestselling car in the US markets. Volkswagen Polo is a super mini car with astounding popularity in European markets. It offers a compact ride and is highly fuel efficient which makes it a success.

Source: Forbes

1. Ford Focus
2012 Ford Focus

2. Toyota Corolla
toyota corolla

3. Volkswagen Jetta
volkswagen jetta

4. Hyundai Elantra
2011 Hyundai Elantra

5. Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta is Once Again Europe's Best Selling Small Car

6. Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Studie Golf BlueMotion

7. Toyota Camry
toyota camry

8. Volkswagen Polo
volkswagen polo

9. Chevrolet Cruze
2012 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ

10. Honda Civic
2012 Honda Civic EX-L Sedan


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