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Ford EcoSport and the talking car prank (Video)

Ford EcoSport and the talking car prank (Video) 1

Ford Australia has revealed a new video featuring the 1.0L EcoBoost powered EcoSport compact SUV. In this video, you will see that the car is talking with passers-by and gauging their attention towards itself. Once they get talking, the talking Ford EcoSport and the passers-by, EcoSport invites them to have look inside and feel what its like to be inside the EcoSport.

Based on the good old prank of a talking car, Ford Australia is promoting the EcoSport via this new video. The voice of the car is of British comedian Anil Desai, who also mimics the voice of Morgan Freeman in the video.

Featuring one of the most awarded 1.0l liter engine of all time, the new EcoSport is price starts from $20,790 (excluding taxes) in Australia. Already launched in India, EcoSport review can be read here.

Ford EcoSport and the talking car prank (Video) 1


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