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Ford EcoSport crashes during media drive: Emergency Assistance to the rescue


The all new Ford EcoSport SUV features industry first feature, called Emergency Assist. This feature was put to test in Goa earlier today, when one of the EcoSport with EcoBoost 1.0L engine rolled over and crashed, as you see in the image here.

Ford EcoSport crashes during media drive in goaFord India organized one of the largest media drive events for the EcoSport compact SUV, the most awaited car in India currently. The drive event spans over a period of two weeks and is in it’s last phase. During the drive event earlier today, one of the EcoSport was involved in an accident, as you can see in the image above (credit Stuff India, they also mention that they were not the one driving this car).

Luckily, no one was injured, in this mishap. But, one of the features of EcoSport, Emergency Assistance, which could have not been tested in any other manner, was tested, and it worked like a charm. Thanks to this feature, the ambulance arrived on the spot with medical help within a matter of just 5 minutes.

So how did this feature came to the rescue of those who were inside this EcoSport? With the help of SYNC (another new feature of the EcoSport), you can connect your smartphone to the car, and can operate it with voice commands. You can order to play songs, make calls, take calls, and similar things.

In an event of accident, when a airbag is deployed, or emergency fuel pump is shut off, SYNC Emergency Assistance is activated. This feature will automatically call the emergency operators, using the connected smartphone and give the location of accident. This very same feature, which is offered free of cost with EcoSport, was in action today, and it came out as a hero. You can read more information on the Emergency Assistance in the media release or the image below.

ford ecosport emergency assistance how it works


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