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GAZ Group launches Light Commercial Vehicle GAZelle NEXT

GAZ Group’s Gorky Automobile plant has begun production of a new and advanced GAZelle NEXT LCV. GAZelle NEXT is designed as a drop side truck combined with standard and long cargo platforms. Later on it will serve as a base of vehicles with gross vehicle weight of 2.8 to 5 tons. The vehicle has been infused with advanced technical solutions, safety and ergonomics features.  This is the 1st new classic GAZelle LCV model in 18 years.

A spacious cabin is equipped with a driver’s seat boasting of 5 adjustments while the independent double wishbone front suspension provides for a smoother ride. Rack and pinion steering provides the car with sharpness and stability while its suspension eliminates understeer on road. Large master cylinder high efficiency front brakes provide the GAZelle NEXT with superior braking power that can bring the LCV to a stop within a short span of time. 5 standard pallets are provided on the cargo platform while six pallets are provided for the long version.

Safety features like optional airbags and pretensioner seatbelts have also been provided to improve driver safety. Testing and trials have been completed which have certified the LCV to handle exceptionally well on any terrain. State of the art production facility and usage of high quality equipment for manufacturing processes further accentuate the quality and integrity of this light commercial vehicle.

Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, said, “The release of a new model is always an exciting moment. But most importantly this model is really investing in the future and the name of the model proves that. It is crucial that you modernized the technologies and facilities and integrated “flexible production.” This approach allows you to quickly change production and respond rapidly to changing market needs. Over the past 10 years, labor productivity has increased by 4 times at GAZ. This growth should be an example for our economy. Now we are making these changes in all production industries, and GAZ is an absolute model for them. GAZ has always been one of the flagships of our Russian car industry, and I’m absolutely sure you will stay so. With more than 300 models and a wide range of capacity, GAZ is impressive. This is a recent achievement. But perhaps the most important thing is that today GAZ products are demanded by all categories of consumer – small and medium-sized businesses, public services, emergency services and security agencies. I am confident that your models have a strong future in the country, and hopefully abroad. I’m sure the new model will take its place in the market, and of course I want to wish you all bon voyage.”



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