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General Motors Technical Centre India is Landfill-Free Status


GM Technical Center-India (GMTC-I) in Bangalore is now landfill-free. The latest addition accounts for 24 GM non-manufacturing sites globally that recycle, reuse or convert to energy all of their daily waste. GMTC-I celebrated its 10th anniversary on 8th September.

General_MotorsThe landfill-free quest was started a year earlier. The process entails separating waste and a new partner was employed to ensure effective waste management and continuous improvement.

General Motors is committed to having 25 non-manufacturing landfill-free operations and 100 landfill-free manufacturing facilities by 2020. “Achieving landfill-free status is a tremendous accomplishment that demonstrates our philosophy of leading by example,” said Edward J. Sizen, GMTC-I Vice President of Engineering and Operations. “The facilities team did an excellent job enabling us to reach this important milestone.”

Almost Half of GM Asia operations in Asia are landfill-free. This includes 17 in Korea, 10 in China, four in Thailand and three in India. GM’s worldwide total is 107.


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