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GM Talegaon recognized as an energy efficient facility


Following a voluntary energy reduction challenge put forth by the United States EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, GM facilities all over the world have taken steps to ensure efficient energy saving methods in their facilities. Joining the facilities who have implemented these regulations, the Talegaon facility in Maharashtra, India is the latest addition. It has been able to cut down its energy intensity by 12% within the last two years to meet EPA’s challenge for Industry Award.

Criterion for the EPA Challenge Industry Award is that facilities need to lower energy intensity by 10% within a period of five years. The Talegaon facility reached this target within two years and was able to prevent 4,419 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Usage of energy efficient design, innovation energy saving technologies and optimization of process parameters has enabled the facility cut down its energy intensity drastically. GM’s efforts have not gone unrecognized as it has been awarded the Energy Star last year and is the proud recipient of the third prize for Energy Conservation at the National Energy Conservation Awards held in 2010. The Talegaon plant has also won awards in the Excellence in Energy Conservation and Management challenge during the year 2011.


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