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Holy cow! attacks motorcyclist performing stunt (Video)

motorcycle stunt gone wrong

The video above shows a motorcyclist in India getting ready to perform a stunt in a quiet neighborhood, probably to get some attention. He would have gotten attention without performing the stunt, thanks to his red bike and bright blue shirt. Anyways, he probably wanted to over-impose, and so he performs a burnout on his bike while standing.

This noise and the color-combination of his get-up got him some unwanted attention, from some cows nearby. He does notice the cows coming towards him, but he didn’t expect what happens next. Watch the video, as this is probably the epic video of the day. Holy cow! we are not kidding.

motorcycle stunt gone wrong


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  • Jcab

    hahahhahahah, he is literally saving his ass there !!!

  • Ravi Shankar

    may b cow wants a ride.. y dnt he offer it..