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Honda Activa vs Activa-i: Similarities and differences

Activa-i is a compact version of the classic Activa scooter. Honda will continue to offer the Activa, which is one of the most popular automatic scooters in the Indian market. While Activa is targeted at the male and female users, the new model is more of a feminine look and lower weight, making it a better choice for women.

Comparison between Honda Activa and Activa-i: Let us take a closer look at both models and see what is new in the Honda Activa-i and how it differs from the classic model of Activa.

Engine & Mechanics: Both the scooters are powered by the same Air cooled, 4 stroke engine with a displacement of 110cc. So, you will not see any difference in power, whether you are on an Activa or the new Activa-i. Both the scooters have the same 130mm diameter brakes and they both use the new combi-brake technology. The combi-brake system automatically applies the front brakes in correct proportion when you apply only the rear brakes, making it a lot more safe for the riders. The combi-brake system introduced in Activa models a few years ago is carried to the new model as well. Spring loaded hydraulic type suspension is also same in both models.
Styling: It is hard to define which is more stylish. Activa-i is categorized as personal compact scooter and Honda claims it has a more stylish look. However, many critics have mentioned it has a feminine appearance, compared to the old Activa, which was more of neutral gender style. Since Activa-i is more compact, it is possible that male customers will prefer the old Activa and female customers would opt for the sleek Activa-i.

Colors: The Activa-i comes in 4 color variants: Alpha Red Metallic, Purple Metallic, Pearl Sunbeam White, Beige Metallic. More colors may be introduced later. The old model has more color choices: Black, Orchid Blue Metallic, Armour Gold Metallic & Pearl Sunbeam White, Geny Grey Metallic, Candy Lucid Red

Price: Usually, the newer models come at higher price tag, but Honda surprised the analysts here. The new model is priced at Rs 3,000 less than the price of the traditional Activa. The difference in price may vary from state to state, depending on various tax components and available accessories.

Weight & Dimensions: The Activa-i weighs 8Kg less than the other model, making it a better choice for women. The weight of Activa is 111Kg and the compact model is only 103Kg. Activa I is 34mm longer but width and height are shorter by 5mm and 32mm respectively. Activa has a bulbous appearance with its fat belly but Activa-i looks more sleek and compact.

Wheels and Tyres: Both models have 1238mm Alloy wheels and tubeless tyres. The ground clearance for Activa is 153mm and the Activa-i has got an extra 10mm there.

Mileage: Honda claims upto 60km per litre mileage in ideal conditions. In Indian roads, the expected mileage is 40 to 60km. Both scooters have 5.3 Litres capacity fuel tank.

Major differences between Activa and Activa i: Both the models share a lot of common features. Activa-i has got a sleek appearance and looks more like a female version of the Activa scooter. Other major differences are the metallic body in Activa and fibre body in Activa-i, the position & look of the front indicator lamps and the way indicators are arranged in the dashboard. And of course, if the price matters, Activa-i is about Rs 3,000 cheaper. You can read more about the new scooter at the website www.activa-i.in

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