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Honda recalls 537,147 units of Accord and 52,613 Acura cars over fire hazards


Honda has announced recall of 625,000 Accords and Acura TL sedans in the US and Canada citing reasons of possible fire hazards. The recall will affect 573,147 Accords manufactured during 2003 and 2007 and 52,613 Acura models of the 2007-08 model years.

Reasons for this recall were due to faulty power steering hoses of the car, which could spring a leak leading to fire hazard in case it seeped onto hot engine parts. Honda explained that these fuel leaks could come in contact with hot catalytic converter and cause smoke or under hood fires.

So far only one vehicle fire has been reported though it did not lead to any injuries or crash. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has confirmed that Honda will be informing owners of these affected cars on 26th of October 2012 after which owners will be instructed to bring in their vehicle for necessary repairs. Dealers too have been instructed to install new heat resistant power steering hoses free of charge.

These hoses are however in short supply and hence the company which supplies the same to Honda has been instructed to increase production which will only be ready by early 2013 after which Honda will be notifying customers.


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