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Hurricane Sandy and cars (Videos)

Hurricane sandy which struck the east coast of the United States has caused untold damage and devastation to both life and property. It is now estimated that Hurricane Sandy cost a property destruction worth $50 billion and killed as many as 100 people. During the time the Hurricane was active, many people were stuck in their cars, while some managed to storm their way to a safe place, while others were not as lucky.

It also reported that 16 Fisker Karma models that were waiting to be shipped off to dealers at Port Newark and were also destroyed in the storm and fires which resulted thereof. These 16 Fisker Karmas caught fire when parked in a port in New Jersey. Fisker Automotive are investigating the event that was reported on the Jalopnik website on Tuesday.

The initial report shows that 16 of these vehicles were submerged as Hurricane Sandy breached the port. The vehicles subsequently caught fire and burned to the ground. No injuries to any person nor were any of the cars being charged at the time of the incident.

Car makers are now tying to help, in their own way, so that life can be restored as soon as possible. GM has decided to give 50 utility vehicles to American Red Cross Society which includes Express cargo vans, Traverse crossovers and Tahoe SUV’s. All 50 vehicles will feature a month worth of free, turn by turn navigation and 200 OnStar Hands-Free calling minutes. They have also donated $250,000.

Ford has donated $50,000 to Red Cross and is offering $500 discount on new cars while Fisker has offered their 3.2 million sq. ft. Wilmington, DE facility for use. Nissan will offer discounts on new cars so that people who have lost their cars, can buy new ones’. Toyota has donated $1 million to Red Cross. Some videos below showing cars stuck during the Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy – NYC , Brooklyn , Sheepshead Bay ” Trees fall on Cars “


Pre Sandy – Bentley and BMW stuck in flood


Hurricane Sandy: Driving Through the Storm


Hurricane Sandy – BMW, Escalade


Brighton Beach in sand and cars on fire after Sandy Hurricane



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