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Hyundai Equus limousine bulletproofed for Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of United Nations, has been handed over an armored limousine by Korean automakers, Hyundai Motors Limited. Keys were officially handed over at the UN Headquarters in New York on Monday.

The new bullet proof Equus limousine which was initially seen at the Moscow Auto Show, will be used by the present Secretary General, keeping him safe and sound in its precincts. The vehicle has received a rating of VR7, which means that it is safe from rounds fired from common assault rifles upto 7.62×51 calibers.

2013 Equus Limousine weights 8,448 pounds and is powered by a 5.0 liter Tau DOHC V8 engine seen on standard Equus models, producing 429 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 376 lb-ft. of torque at 5,000 rpm. Hyundai Equus and Hyundai Genesis have always been preferred the chauffeured vehicles of choice in South Korea.

South Korean Foreign Ministry recently announced its decision to buy bullet proof Equus limousines to be used by visiting state leaders and high ranking officials visiting for the 2012 Seoul nuclear security summit. Equus was also the first Korean bullet proof model selected as official vehicle for G20 summit last year and is also currently used by Presidential Security Services.


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