Improved and safer police vehicle prototype revealed in Singapore

A new and improved police vehicle has been revealed in Singapore. This prototype will possess a host of safety features making it ideal for its kind of application. This prototype to be used by Singapore Police Force was displayed at the Police Workplan Seminar and Exhibition and is the result of a Fast Response Car Innovation Competition held within the Singapore Police Force.

This competition was held among the police staff to bring in ideas of how to come up with a more effective, safer and quicker vehicle with improved features. This prototype will have a couple of features which will be best suited for use by Police personnel and will include three tiered rack system for storage of equipment and plastic rear seats so as to prevent persons in custody from hiding contraband and dangerous items. Rear doors will not have handles as another safety precaution and a partition between rear and front seats to protect officers from any kind of assault from the occupants of the rear seats are also in the pipeline.

Four cameras will be mounted on the hood of the vehicle as part of the automated Number Plate Recognition System so that police can screen license plates without any effort. Also within the car precincts will be a mobile data terminal to permit hands free communication to head quarters. Also on display was a new Enhanced Neighborhood Police Post which creates a safe room for those in distress. An alarm is instantly set off to attract the attention of passersby while an alarm is also sounded in nearby police stations to alert and dispatch instantaneous assistance.