Indian ministers and their families take part in JK Tyre – Constitution Club of India Car Rally to save Tiger

Along with their families, 70 Indian Ministers of Parliament took part in a car rally today with the aim to spread awareness for saving national animal of India, the Tiger. The car rally to save Tigers in India is being organized under the Constitutional Club of India (CCI), a club formed in 1947 for members of the Indian Constituent Assembly.

The motto of this car rally by Indian ministers is ‘Save Our Tigers.’ Tiger population in India is depleting at a very quick rate. If immediate measures are not undertaken by the Government, it is quite possible that the Tiger will become extinct in India by the next decade. JK Tyre and CCI have joined hands once again for a noble cause. Last year too a similar event was organized by CCI and JK Tyre & Industries Ltd. The 70 odd ministers who participated in today’s car rally are eminent diplomats and parliamentarians of India.

Mr Pratap Rudy, MP and BJP leader, said, “This is an opportunity of Indian parliament to express the solidarity and be agent to spread awareness across the country for the national animal-tiger. This time we have chosen a different topic of awareness which is ”save our tigers”. It”s a national cause. We hardly have, post independence we have lost, which were about 40 thousands we have now 1400 tigers left. It’s a cause at the end of the year, beyond politics, beyond parties, where diplomats and media are participating and I think it’s a fun event, but at the same time a cause is there and this cause is worthy if participation and enormous participation from members of Parliament.”

JK Tyre and CCI Car Rally to save Tigers will see Indian ministers competing in a TSD Rally (Time, Speed, Distance). The event was kicked off earlier today from Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi. Mr Hamid Ansari, Vice President, India flagged off the event. After travelling through various parts of the city spreading Save Our Tigers awareness, the winner of the car rally will be felicitated by Mr Jayanthi Natrajan, Minister of State for Forest and Environment, India.

Mr Naveen Jindal, MP, Congress, said, “Tiger is our national animal and we all know that tigers have been, the population has been reducing. In the last couple of decades with all the efforts, which the government has been taking, now the population has stabilized and it”s on the rise again. So, we all need to continue to make efforts to save the tigers.”