Indore traffic cop Ranjeet Singh moves like MJ

Over time Ranjeet Singh has worked on his moves, which has gradually progressed from rapid walking at traffic intersections to a full fledged dance move. His daily routine, idiosyncratic to say the least, works like magic, and serves a real purpose. All who’re in the front line at signals, don’t pass the opportunity to watch this Indore traffic cop manage traffic. Ranjeet Singh never fails to get the crowd’s attention, thereby ensuring pedestrians and road users follow traffic rules.

Indore traffic cop
Indore traffic cop Ranjeet Singh

Those commuting by High Court junction or White Church Square will vouch for his showmanship and effectiveness. While the dancing cop’s moves never cease to maze, it is his traffic management skills that score a ten. This Indore traffic cop’s fan value is epic in the city, with a multitude of fans drawing comparisons with Rajnikant, and more recently, nicknaming him Singham. His people connect value remains high, having gained the respect of locals.

The Indore traffic cop wears his moustache with elan, but the tough look, is only a look. The top cop is immensely popular with kids, and takes the time to impart road safety lessons to them. He recently played his part in Road Safety Week, and on a daily basis urges people to follow to respect traffic signals and rules.