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Jaguar to produce remaining six units of Lightweight E-Type

jaguar lightweight e type 1963 reborn (1)

Jaguar has announced that they will bring in six new Lightweight E Type cars which will be built on the original 1963-64 specifications and will even include 3.8 liter, all aluminium straight six engine and aluminium body work.

jaguar lightweight e type 1963 reborn (1)These six units of Lightweight E Type will make their presence felt later this summer and will continue where Jaguar left off in 1963 when they planned 18 units of Lightweight E Type but only introduced 12. Jaguar set aside six extra chassis numbers which were never used. The final E Type was assembled in 1964 with the balance chassis numbers set apart and now Jaguar plans on producing these six units with each of them being hand built and in house as per previous specifications.

When comparing the Lightweight E Type with standard E Type, it is the former that is 114 kgs lighter than the latter due to the existence of aluminum for engine block and body panels. The model also sees a frugal interior with light hand operated side windows and chrome accents to its exterior. The Lightweight E Type Jaguar will continue to receive the same engine while the new batch will use dormant chassis numbers thus completing the Lightweight E Type, five decades after the last car was introduced.

However, Jaguar has confirmed that while all efforts to replicate chassis, buyers of these new E Types will be able to personalize their cars with additional features to ensure that they are more acceptable than their 50 year old counterparts. No prices for the batch of 6 Lightweight E Types were confirmed as on date.

1963 lightweight e type in action


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