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Can Karl Slym find an answer with #NextTataCar as Tata Motors Group global wholesales decline 7%

Last months sales stood at 28,874 vehicles of which Jaguar wholesales account for 5,334 units, and Land Rover wholesales account for 23,540 units. JLR wholesales were 25,143 units in April 2012. Global wholesales for commercial vehicles ( Tata, Tata Daewoo, and Tata Hispano Carrocera range) stood at 39,969 units, which equates to 6% sales increase when compared to April 2012 when 38,008 vehicles were sold. Global wholesales of all passenger vehicles in April 2013 were 41,272 units as compared to 49,369 units for the corresponding month in 2012. Global wholesales of Tata passenger vehicles in April 2013 were 12,398 units.

April 2013 sales for Jaguar Land Rover are 28,503 vehicles in April, Jaguar 4,711 vehicles at 12% sales increase, and Land Rover 23,792 vehicles at 12% sales increase. This marks their best ever April sales. YTD Jaguar Land Rover sales are at 143,974 vehicles, up 16%. APAC region sales increase was 37%, UK up 32%, China up 10%, North America 6%, Europe up 2%, and other overseas markets up 11% (India up 6%). YTD, Land Rover sold 119,086 vehicles up 14% with Freelander sales up 36%.

YTD sales increase stands at 21% in Asia Pacific, 20% in UK, 18% in China, 13% in North America, 8% in Europe, and 22% in other overseas markets. Phil Popham, Jaguar Land Rover’s Director of Group Sales Operations said, “This is a positive start to our second quarter sales and continues the growth trend seen in the first three months of the year. Sales of the Jaguar XF remain buoyant across many of our key markets and we are seeing the positive impact of the all new Range Rover with approaching 15,000 cars sold in the first four months of this year”.

Earlier in the month, The Chandigarh Consumer Court had issued orders for a 6 month jail term for Tata Motors India MD, Karl Slym for failure on the part of the company to accede to notices with regard to replacement of faulty parts where a particular new Tata Nano which turned out to be faulty was concerned. The commission has also slapped a penalty of INR 10,000 each on Slym and Tata dealership MD, Ashish Mohan Gupta where the Nano was sent for repairs but where repairs carried out was not upto mark. The company stated that they had attempted to pay the harried customer sufficient compensation and repair the vehicle but failed to get any cooperation from him.

Tata Nano may finally ahve something to look forward to in terms of sales in 2013. Initially expected to be a great crowd puller, the company has been experiencing diminished sales in recent months, with April sales being below 1000 units. Tata Motors is taking the Nano in Thailand, where the little car is expecting a Q3 launch. Late last month, Karl Slym got on Twitter asking, ‘What would u innovate into the #NextTataCar ?’ Those who offer the best ideas and options will get to meet Karl Slym and further this dialogue. Ideas on Twitter are to be sent to @KarlSlym #NextTataCar. The initiative can help Tata Motors gain insight on why the company has been at such discord in recent months in terms of sales which have been decreasing.


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