Kawasaki Ninja H2R India launch price INR 69.8 lakh – No warranty available

First unveiled at the Intermot 2014, in Germany, Kawasaki Ninja H2R is a beast, nothing like ever seen before. Claimed to deliver 300+ hp from its 998cc supercharged and inter-cooled four cylinder engine. And, the best part, this is a track only variant. So there are no rules or regulations which can behold this beast.

Now launched in India, Kawasaki Ninja H2R comes with a staggering price tag of INR 69.8 lakh, ex-showroom. This for a bike which you cannot ride on public roads. Oh yes. And it also comes with no warranty. WHAT! Yes. Kawasaki Ninja H2R on sale in India does not come with any warranty. So if something goes wrong with the machine, its all yours to solve.

2016 Kawasaki Ninja H2R new color (1)

Developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Ninja H2R features worlds most powerful engine, to be seen on a production motorcycle. Developing such a powerful engine, and then designing a motorcycle around this engine, which will allow the rider get the best of both, involved a lot of time, money and expertise. Below is one video worth watching, where you can see the Ninja H2R breaking land speed record for any production spec motorcycle achieved on a closed public road.

Using carbon fibre fairing, special alloys for exhaust, carbon fibre wings to provide downforce, etc, all designed for one purpose, to make the Ninja H2R as fast as possible.