KTM RC range of 125, 200 and 390 revealed at EICMA, Milan (Photos)

2014 ktm rc 390, rc 200 rc 125 at eicma milan 1Though these new RC range of superbikes feature these feature same engines, tyre specs, braking, frame etc, KTM engineers have put immense time and effort to get the special track riding features, aerodynamic fairing, center of gravity, weight management and other such important aspects into place, so that the performance is not compromised. These fully faired motorcycles also get dual headlights, fairing mounted rear view mirrors and LED tail lamps.

Engine lineup is identical to that seen on the Dukes; with RC390 generating peak power of 43 bhp, the RC200 generating power of 25 bhp while RC 125 possesses power of 15 bhp. Stopping power is seen in the form of 300mm disc brakes in the front and 230mm at its rear while the models also sport Bosch 9MB anti lock braking system.

Looking even more similar to their Duke counterparts due to similar paint finishes, the KTM RC 125, RC 200 and RC 390 see changes only in the form of smaller fuel tanks, front windshield and new seats while they also come in with clip on handle bars and a higher top speed which has been increased by around 10 kmph as compared to that seen in the Dukes. The RCs will also be priced higher than the Duke counterparts.

2014 ktm rc 390, rc 200 rc 125 at eicma milan 2Speaking about it’s price, official KTM Blog reveals “Expect the 125 to carry a price tag of around 4500 euros while the 390 will hit a sub-6k figure.” But this is for European market. In India it will be cheaper, as the bikes are manufactured here itself. For eg, the Duke 390 retails for about $7000 in Europe, but in India it is sold for about $3000.

After seeing the images, if you think that there is no rear seat, then have a look again. KTM engineers have not attached a seat, but instead, smartly placed special foam for rear seat. “The strategic plan behind [the RCs] – as always in KTM – is to have a sporting tie-in with our models,” explained Head of R&D Philipp Habsburg to the KTM Blog. “We started racing Moto3 two years ago and we think it has been a success because we are actually beating the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer and we have 20 consecutive wins; we are quite proud of that. The natural progression is to take a homologated version to the street. We took a lot of technical-driven elements from the Moto3 bike into our new RC model line-up.”

2014 ktm rc 390, rc 200 rc 125 at eicma milan 9Speaking about the rear foam seat, ““The idea comes in the very first stage of the prototype. We tried to fix a seat on it and it didn’t look so good. We were searching for solutions but the better a suggestion looked then the less comfortable it was! The 125 is aimed towards youngsters and most kids want to take their friends or girlfriends with them. They want to look cool, but it also has to be rideable! We considered the foam and found a supplier in Canada – the only one in the world working on things like that – and now we have a perfect rear end of the RC bikes. It looks like a racing unit but it works for the pillion.”

2014 ktm rc390 race livery“It was not cheap!” he adds. “But I think it is a real selling point of the bike. We are also proud of the headlight because that is something new for the motorcycles of this class. The ABS is also fantastic. For young rider who mostly need the contribution of their parents to own a bike then this aspect of safety is something that counts for everyone.”

For more information, scroll through the press release below before scanning through the LIVE images from EICMA.