Lamborghini Huracan hits top speed before crashing and burning to ashes

This is a recap of the crash happened last year with new photos from the scene and video during the accident. The Verde Mantis (pearl green) Lamborghini Huracan was put on test for top speed by the owner with a shotgun shooting the trail with a camera.

Lamborghini Huracan crash burn top speed 23
The Lamborghini Huracan crash was the first ever to be reported totalled.
After a few attempts of 334 kmph (207.5 mph), he slowed down to around 310 kmph (192.6 mph) and looking for a clean stretch to pick up from there. Unfortunately, the road surface condition changed and caused loss of control & traction, as a result of which the car hit the left barrier and subsequently shifted to right lane and sheared open the right barrier to fall into a deep ditch.

[youtube][/youtube]Surprisingly, both occupants survived the brutal crash with serious injuries. By good luck, they did not pass out and managed to egress the totalled Huracan before it went up in flames.