LIQUI MOLY launches official website mobile version

LIQUI MOLY, the Germany oil and additive company, with a range of over 4000 products and over 50 years of being in the lubricant market whose product have reached far and wide across 100 countries; have officially launched their mobile website. This mobile version increases its user base as people can now find out more about the products and services through their smartphones. The ideal behind this launch of a mobile website is to bring customers closer to LIQUI MOLY.

While it was earlier only possible to view LIQUI MOLY though the company website this process was not only time consuming but not easily accessible at all times while on the move. Recent data revealed that customers preferred to access via their smartphone instead of their PC. Currently 15% of users of total of 200,000 monthly visitors access the site and this figure is expected to increase with each passing day.

The website is able to detect whether it is being accessed through a PC or a smartphone and passes on this user to the mobile website. All information, content and structuring is identical but layout is optimized exclusively for smartphones. Currently available only in German and English, Spanish and French versions are likely to follow soon.

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The German oil and additive specialist launches its mobile website

The LIQUI MOLY website is now available as a mobile version. This increases user comfort for people with smartphones. ‘We know from our access data that more and more people want to find out about us using their smartphones,’ says Peter Baumann, Marketing Manager at LIQUI MOLY. ‘We want to remove all obstacles from their path as contact with our customers is very close to our hearts.’

It has previously been possible to view the LIQUI MOLY website on the go. However, what is clearly laid out and functional on a PC is bulky and time consuming on a smartphone. Nonetheless, recently 15 per cent of the more than 200,000 monthly visitors accessed via their smartphone instead of their PC.

‘This share kept getting bigger and will continue to grow in the future,’ says Peter Baumann. ‘Smartphone users should receive the same comfort and the same content offered to PC users.’

In order to be able to use the mobile version of the website, all you need to do is visit The website automatically detects if it is being accessed via a mobile and then automatically forwards the user to the mobile website. The content and its structuring are exactly the same as in the conventional website, only the layout is optimised for smartphones.

LIQUI MOLY already made the first step towards mobile use a few months ago as it launched a mobile version of its free online oil guide. After this most popular part of the LIQUI MOLY website, the rest has now been optimised for smartphones. Currently the mobile website is available in German and English; the Spanish and French versions will follow soon. ‘We are globally active and we want to offer this service in the most important languages,’ says Peter Baumann.