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Long live the ospreys: Live feed on WB Bay Bridge cam #501

Baltimore traffic camera osprey

Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) was faced with an unique problem of their own when a pair of ospreys decided to nest right in front of a Baltimore traffic camera, effectively blocking the traffic camera’s view. While the department did attempt to move the nest, the ospreys returned each time and made home in front of another camera.

Baltimore traffic camera ospreyMaryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) went the extra step and worked with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to find a solution. Advised that a flat-surface structure about 10 feet away from the camera platform will be much safer for the Osprey and any future chicks, they got on with getting the needful done.

The flat-surface structure placed strategically ensures when it’s time to leave the nest they’ll be away from bridge traffic, reducing risk of falling from the nest onto the roadway. The new spot also keeps them protected from round-the-clock agitation caused by the moving camera. Yesterday, the Osprey moved from the eastbound to the westbound traffic camera on the same Bay Bridge gantry.

Baltimore traffic camera ospreyThereafter, the new platform was put in place for her close to the westbound camera. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Facebook page, ‘Thanks, everyone, for their concern and interest. They later added, ‘We are pleased to report that the nesting platform that was installed earlier today appears to be a success. The osprey has landed on it after her nesting materials were moved to the location. We will continue to monitor and provide updates.’

Baltimore traffic camera ospreyThe move has been successful, as an update read, ‘The Osprey platform is up and she actually landed in it once. We are hoping to add some photos today.’

Baltimore traffic camera ospreyIn another development, the department has introduced the Osprey Cam: Monday – Thursday, from noon to 12:15 pm, the WB Bay Bridge cam #501 will pan to the Osprey’s new nest (barring any traffic incidents that require personnel to monitor).

Baltimore traffic camera osprey


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